Seattle’s thriving and vibrant arts community helps to make us a cultural leader in the region and one of the most innovative arts cities in the world. Investing in the arts makes our community more vibrant, spurs economic growth and furthers our pursuits of social and economic justice. We as a city understand the emotional, cultural, and economic value of art.

In 2015, the City invested $3 million to support more than 360 individuals and institutions, a major investment in Seattle's cultural and artistic community. We named the Central Area as the second Arts District, which will preserve, nurture, and activate and arts and culture in our neighborhoods. Because of the Creative Advantage initiative, more than 1,600 students in the Central Area were able to attend music classes and South-Southwest Seattle began their regional arts plan.

Investing in our youth and cultural organizations is an investment in Seattle’s future. Thank you for supporting our city with your time, energy, and vision. 2015 was a landmark year, and together we are making 2016 even better.


Edward B. Murray

Mayor, City of Seattle

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